Monday, July 20, 2009

You Really Are Missin Somethin

Can you tell I really like this pose?

My husband's family has a barn.
With horses and chickens. And usually several hundred goats.

I love love love visiting the barn!
Everyone there thinks it's pretty funny that I love taking pictures of everything because it's just so ordinary to them.

My little cousin, Maria, works at the barn at a regular basis. Much to her dismay.
While watching her huff and puff about having to feed the chickens, I told her she should feel lucky. "A lot of girls would love to do this", I said.

Her response was "Well, they AIN"T missin nothin."

She is a sweet girl.

Here are some more pics.

See me in the eyeball?! This is my grandfather-in-law, Lonnie...on a 5 gallon bucket in the middle of the yard. He is such a funny, adorable man. And I just love him to pieces.
He loves telling me what he has to eat in his freezer everytime I visit him. Usually he SAYS he has deer, opossum, goat, squirrel, raccoon, turkey, and anything else you could imagine. The only thing I don't believe he has is opossum.

Although I do know he has had it before.


  1. I really love the picture of the two horses about to nuzzle! : D

  2. I love those pics! They looked professional. I like the different angles you shot. Looks like you had fun! =)

  3. ooops I mean "they look professional" lol, I'm tired!

  4. Oh my word. This was so long ago. :O I'm still not sure if anyone is missing anything. LOL.