Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long post about Fungus

For some odd reason I'm obsessed with fungus. I love finding different mushrooms.

Mom and I even went to the Mushroom Festival this year.

Look what I came across recently when taking a short stroll through the woods. All of these different mushrooms were actually all within 100 feet of each other. It was a shady, moist area.

All of these different types of mushrooms just fascinated me! (I know I'm a dork...please don't text me)

Also, while admiring the mushrooms I ran across this little guy.

See him in his little home in the tree?

Not sure if he was mad or maybe even feeling a little photogenic because he came out for a better picture!
There were also these beautiful little plants everywhere! Not sure what it is, but it was beautiful!
Pay attention next time you're roaming around the woods!

Of course I could have just got lucky and stumbled upon a tiny village of fairies!


  1. Kristen,you've really got an eye for photograpy! Keep up the good work. These are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful 'srooms and gorgeous pictures. Looks like a lovely day in the woods.

  3. Thanks Katy! It's no Paris! I'm so jealous over your trip!