Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wolf Spider: UPDATE!!!

Oh my goodness!

Look what I captured last night!

A Wolf Spider carrying all her babies on her back!!!
See all those yellow bumps with little legs? Yep, those are baby wolf spiders!

And check out those eyes!

Pretty cool.

And creepy.

I don't think she was to fond of me last night. Most wildlife isn't after I've snapped 100 pictures of them!

Kinda like this wildlife creature...

Everything is all sweet and innocent at first and then attitudes quickly turn around picture #20!


Momma spider was set free in the "wild". (Actually on EKU's campus in the Ravine) but close enough. Better than my house!

Dajuane, a guy I work with, helped me set her free!
Ahh the circle of life!

Seconds later this happened!

Can't do anything about mother nature!

I don't want my mason jar anymore though. Yuk!


  1. Yikes! You are a better person than me! The idea of lots of babies creeps me out... let alone the big mama spider. Gotta love nature though!

  2. alright...not gonna lie. If there was one thing I could do without in this world it would be spiders. I laughed my butt off when I saw that the bird had eaten the spider!HAHAHAHAHA Just when he thought he was free. I'm sure one or two babies survived if they didn't suffocate in your jar.