Thursday, July 30, 2009

Folk Arts and Crafts

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Berea Crafts Festival and I hadn't posted pictures from the day yet.

Berea has a new little restaurant, The Black Feather.

The decor is really cute, but food was just ok. Also, they don't have soda and I think thats just dumb. That actually makes me consider not eating there again. Maybe I'm dumb.

See my glass of water? Grrr. That usually wouldn't happen.

And here's the Berea Craft Festival. It really is a cute little festival.

Fun was had by all!

Who wouldn't at a crafts festival in the Folk Arts and Crafts Capitol of Kentucky?!

Oh my goodness, I just noticed on The Black Feather website they have organic sodas now! When I was there, the girl working told me all they had were "flavored syrups that you could add to something". Like what? Water? No thanks. Well, maybe they wised up a little!

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  1. lol ewww flavored syrups and water!! I wonder what an organic soda would taste like, I've never heard of it before!