Monday, July 6, 2009


I had the chance to visit with some friends last Thursday.

I think I have the prettiest friends ever!

From left: Erin (prego), Misty, Donya, Jennifer (prego), and Shari. And me directly behind camera as usual.

I made the winning chocolate chip recipe from Omnomicon for them.

Erin really wasn't wanting me to snap her picture. Too bad! I did anyway! :)
She is so cute with her baby belly!

Both Jennifer and Erin are expecting BOYS! Sometime between the end of October and beginning of November! I'm just so excited! (and a little jealous. i'll admit it)

Donya already has an adorable (almost) 1-year-old little boy, Brody.

Misty is engaged and getting married next year.

And Shari...well you all know she's just wonderful. :)

I wish I would have snapped some more pictures. We're never all together at once.

Oh, I just love you girls. Thanks for sharing your lives with me!

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