Friday, January 9, 2009

Shari, Sewing, & Casa

It's a regular event! A fav event! I told you so already!

We will fight cold, rain, sleet, cougars, bears, or anything else that may stand in our way of Casa. Believe me, we fought the cold last night!

Ok, so there's the Shari and Casa part...and now for the sewing part of the evening. I have been dying to make Lilly a pillowcase dress. The problem is that I have no pattern, no instructions, and the biggest measurements.
Mary Jo O'Bradovich was very kind to give me a quick tutorial over the break on how she has been making them for her granddaughters. I really wish that she would have been part of the evening last night. I really needed her help. The dresses she has created are to die for! I was actually trying to measure Lilly's body last night by looking at pictures of her and attempting to measure by her size relation to objects in the pictures. Impossible!

The first one I made would only possibly fit her new Raggedy Ann doll. The second one I made turned out much better, but still a little too short. Oh well, I am proud to say I made a long pillowcase shirt. I think it will look great with cream tights. I love love love this fabric. I plan on trying to make another one this weekend...with a little more detail. Hmm, maybe a ruffle at the bottom. I already have several great fabric choices with matching ribbon.

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  1. I want a pillowcase. That would be wonderful for my new bedroom.

    The fabric is perfect!!!

    We should go to blissdom!!!