Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shari, Sewing, & Casa

...Three things that make up a perfect evening for me! My friend Shari has recently been dabbling in some of my crafty addictions, including sewing. She even requested a new sewing machine for Christmas! Now if you know Shari, you know why this is UNBELIEVABLE! I surely thought I would see pigs flying outside my window before I would be seeking sewing advice or requesting to use her awesome new sewing machine. Anyway, after several hours of figuring out a pattern & cutting out all the trillion pieces, which I despise, we decided a trip to Casa Cafe was well deserved! (This is a regular thought for us!)

Ah, Casa with Shari is one of my most fav things! This is a time when a lot of stuff goes down...sharing hilarious experiences of the week, heart wrenching stories, serious decisions, deep thoughts, and all this while consuming enough tortilla chips and salsa to make our stomachs feel like they might explode! Part of our trips these days are missing one very important component though...our wonderful friend Jennifer, which now lives in Knoxville with her charming husband Jay. We still have the most wonderful times at Casa, but if Jenn were here the evening would truly be complete!

After eating far too much, we were back to the grindstone. (Well, Shari was. I couldn't miss The Biggest Loser) I'm very proud of Shari for her first homemade creation! Her sister is going to love her new handmade apron made with love, sweat, and almost tears by her little sister! That little area of my heart that has Shari's name on it is cheezin!


  1. I am most impressed by this lovely creation. Kudos to Shari! Perhaps I can commission her to make one for my sister who is stuck in Bulldog country. A little piece of KY home for her!

  2. Awww... That apron is too cute! I'm glad you're blogging now Kristen! :)

  3. Aww....I literally have tears in my eyes reading this! I'm going to love this blog!

    ps. Yes Karen I will make you an apron. I charge 20 bucks an hour....hahahaha....just kidding!

  4. wtf....where's the sports? I can't read this.

    j/k friend...j/k :)