Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice can't stop the mailman!

We're on a snow (ice) day here! Yay!!! I feel like I'm 12 years old on mornings like this.

I couldn't go back to sleep this morning, but then I took a nap and slept until noon! How nice!
In the middle of watching a movie and lounging on the couch, I heard the sound of a car. I knew it must be the mailman because 1) it was that time and 2) nobody else can get into their cars.

Because my driveway is a hill that goes around back, on nights that we might get bad weather, I have to park on the street in front of the mailboxes. This makes the mailman very angry and thus he won't stop to get out of the mail truck to deliver our mail. I quickly threw on my coat and slippers and, get this, chased him down in the pouring icy mix. I had to see what mail I had today. And guess what!!! More fabric squares.

Man, what a good day!!!

Thank you Leanne, Carolyn, and LouEllen!!!

LouEllen included the sweetest little letter with her fabric, which included a picture of her with her grandson. I just loved it!

Oh no! Just got a text message that there is no power in parts of Berea! I hope I keep mine!!! Say a prayer for me!


  1. I hope that you get to keep your power. As of now the meatloaf is in the oven. Keep your faith that we have a snow day tomorrow as well!

  2. if it helps, the weather is rubbish here in the UK. We have the TV on for the boys and I am finishing a few half-done projects so I can concentrate on the charm quilt. This is great fun, isn't it! Bridget

  3. We've had ice and snow too. It has been a great reason to stay home cut fabric squares and just enjoy family. LOVE the pic of your icey tree. Cute Blog.