Saturday, January 10, 2009


As you may know I have a major obsession with food.

Everything about food!

I have a weird minor obsession with miniature food. (especially in jewelry form!)

Is that weird?!

I meet someone once that thought food in fake form was so gross and totally weirded her out. I can kinda understand and see why she felt that why. But not me! I love it! I know its a little kooky, but I can't help it. The only thing that keeps me from wearing the fake food is I know how abnormal and strange it is. One day though, I'm not going to care.

So if you run into me one day with cupcake earrings, a hamburger on a chain around my neck, or sushi on my rings, don't be surprised. And you know what, when I can finally start wearing culinary masterpieces I won't care what you think. But for now, I still do! I can dream though!

If you would like to waste a little time on this rainy Saturday, check out some of my favorites on Etsy. I just love food in miniature form too. It doesn't have to be jewelry.

DanzDzynes This stuff is actually scented! Can you believe that?! Sheer brilliance!




OneElf I actually already have something from here!


On another note, I love these prints! I would love to have them all for my sewing room. If any of my family (mom, husband, dad, etc.) is still reading this...hint, hint...wink,wink. You should check out all of her prints. They are great!

Dreamy Giraffe

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