Friday, January 16, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

Grrrr....I hate those chain letter things that someone gives you and then you must pass the same thing onto a zillion other people. But, I always hate saying no to people and hate the thought of throwing away food. So, I made Amish Friendship Bread last night. (Not to mention that anything that has the word Amish associated with it, I have to have.)

One of those gallon size bags full of yeast and other "secret" stuff (yeah right!) has been fermenting on my counter top for the past week. When I say it stunk, I mean it reeked! The first time I opened the bag I started gagging! was bad. Last night I had to add a bunch of stuff to it and divide it up into 4 more bags. One bag I keep to myself and add even more "stuff" to the mix. This is my final product...Amish Friendship Bread. It turned out pretty good. It has the taste of french toast and texture of pumpkin bread. (In my opinion)

The paper I received said that "only the Amish know the starter"...yeah right! Google knows all secrets and answers. Even about the Amish.

Now I have to find 4 other willing recipients to give the "secret starter" bags. Grrr.... Interested????

By the way, to the friend that gave me this, I really am glad that you thought of me to give this to and I know what a big baby I am. Also, I don't want this to stop you from giving me other Amish stuff or ideas that you may come across. Just no more bread...please.

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