Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Organization can be fun!" quoted by Shari


Look what got accomplished last night though!

My fabrics are usually everywhere!! No order what so ever. feels so nice to have most of them organized by type and color. See all those mason jars? They are full of thread, pins, buttons, ribbon, and other sewing supplies.

Shari helped me conquer this mountain or it would have never happen.

I keep telling everyone that I don't have as much fabric as it seems like I do. They (including Shari) didn't believe me until now.

My fabric stash really isn't that bad! Of course, everything is neatly folded, so there is more there than what it looks like on the shelves.

I think part of my procrastinating on projects is because everything is usually so unorganized that it's overwhelming to find everything! Now if we can get the rest of the craft room organized...I can get my sewing on!

Remember the Scrapdown? Well, I finally dove into that project last night as well. See what happens when organization occurs in my life?

Shari laid out all the colorful Scrapdown squares and arranged them by color value. This was quite an undertaking. Dang it! I should have gotten some photos of her spread out on our living room floor.

Anyway, I finished cutting about 350 3"x3" squares in white muslin to go with the scrap squares for a quilt that I hope will be big enough to go on the bed in the craft room.

Hopefully this weekend I can get all of the pairs sewn together and pressed. Fingers crossed!

Hmm...maybe organization can be fun!

Nah...only when a good friend's help is involved!


  1. Aww! I have I told you lately that I love you?!

    After living with me for a year, you won't even know the meaning of "unorganized"!....well, except when you walk in the garage.

  2. ha ha ha :) Forget organizing that garage! If you want you can tackle that on your own, but count me out!!

  3. Impressive! Now try it on your computer ;)

  4. Great!

    You need a few jars of buttons. All the women in my family have mason jars of buttons in every room of the house, haha.