Thursday, June 11, 2009

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I've been a little absent from my blog lately. oops! I've just had so many other things on my mind here lately. I've been working hard on finishing my scrap quilt this week. I'll be so happy when I can finally have it finished!

In this picture I was set-up at my in-laws house at about 2am trying to get all my pieces sewn together. I like to do a "chaining method" and then cut everything apart in the end. It makes it a lot easier and doesn't waste as much time or thread.

I also attended my second Cake Decorating Class on Tuesday night. I'm having so much fun. I forgot to take more pictures. Too busy practicing my piping skills I guess.

Skipping to another thought...

I have beer cheese on the brain! I've done so well on a diet that I began 2 weeks ago!

Now Winchester, KY up and decides to have a 1st annual
Beer Cheese Festival this Saturday.


They are having a beer cheese Cook-Off for commercial and homemade vendors. You pay $5, taste all the samples, and then vote. I strongly believe my culinary expertise is needed for this. I think I will have to go and I will probably ingest enough cheese and crackers to completely override the dieting that I have been doing so good at! Always distractions I guess!

If you've never tasted Beer Cheese, I feel SOOOO sorry for you! God, it's good stuff!

One of my very favorite blogs, How To Eat A Cupcake, recently made Sam Adams Beer Bread "Cupcakes" w/ Beer Cheese "Frosting".

Yum Yum. You should check out her blog. LOVE IT! and you will too!

Photo from: How To Eat A Cupcake

Have a nice weekend!

See you on Monday! (10 pounds heavier)

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  1. I know you will not be ten pounds heavier. I am so proud of your sticking to the diet. You are much better than me!