Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Saturday = Long Post

I had another lovely summer weekend.

My friend, Easy and I went on an adventure Saturday to a central Kentucky town that we hadn't visited before, Midway, KY. It was nice. We used to go on little adventures all the time when we were college. It had been too long since we had a relaxing day exploring.

Midway was such a cute little town filled with antique stores, cute little boutiques, and quaint little cafes.
The little store below was wonderful. Easy found some old records of Dolly Parton and The Oak Ridge Boys with some tracks he had never heard before. And I found the most wonderful treasure.

Everywhere I go (antique stores, yard sales, flea markets, etsy, etc.) I look for a certain pattern. I have all the plates to this pattern. They are the plates I grew up with, passed down to me from mom. I really want everything else that goes to them. I was so excited to find this pitcher!!!! AND for only $10!!

Oh, if you could have seen my excitement. Easy witnessed it! Lucky he is!

This is where we were told to go eat by all the locals we asked, Darlin Jeans Apple Cobbler Cafe.

The locals were right. It was so charming and very good. I highly recommend it if visiting Midway.
I took one bite of my dinner and then realized I must include it in my blog because it was so unbelievably good. Grilled Chicken with a Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette, crispy fried onion rings, hot potato salad, and a glazed croissant. Yum!
Easy had their Hot Brown and said it was equally delicious!
We dove into the Chocolate Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream so fast I didn't get a picture!
Then we drove through more gorgeous horse farms and areas...

And ended up in Versailles...
Where we visited Boyd Orchards...
And I got a quart of the best smelling and sweetest strawberries ever!

You would think that Boyd Orchards could pull Easy away from that dingity dang phone! But, nope. ARGGG!!!! I hate that phone.

Who me??

Thanks Easy!! It was a great day!

Where we goin next??


  1. Wait just a second....you went to Midway?!?!

  2. It was a great day! And I'm stealing some of your pics for my blog, just so you know. Oh, and about the phone, wasn't it you just the other night saying you wanted one like mine??? I believe it was!