Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Cake

Last night at Cake Decorating class I learned many things...
one being I can't make a rose.

See that one on my placemat? Only one of the night to turn out half decent.

O N L Y O N E out of 25! I need practice.

I love Cake Decorating class though. It's actually relaxing and therapeutic to me.

Except for making roses of course.

See you again next Tuesday night rose. I'll be ready for you.

This is my grocery store bag that I carry all my decorating supplies to class in. I picked this one up in NYC. If you don't have a grocery store bag yet and you are still using those plastic bags, I strongly encourage you to get one. Yeah, I know...good for environment and all that stuff, but I love mine because it's so much easier to carry. I'm not trying to fit 10 plastic handles in my hands or worrying about them breaking on me. (which has happened way to many times) This bag I just throw over my shoulder and go. I also have an adorable green one from Disney World that my friend Lindsey brought me back. I love it equally!


  1. Are you doing your classes at Michaels?

    I took cake decorating classes with my mom there when I was like 17. Have you made the creepy clowns yet? Haha


  2. No, I'm actually taking them here at EKU through Community Ed. Oh, I bet Michaels was a lot of fun! No creepy clowns here!

    I miss you! Thanks for all the great comments!

  3. Oh wow... Didn't know Eastern offered such cool classes. Go you!