Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Lilly & Canisters

Go here to see some very sweet pictures of Lilly. Am I a proud Aunt or what?? This is just a sampling of all the other adorable photos that Jessica Edwards took.

Ok...I have been looking for kitchen canisters forever!!! Like 2 years!! I really want something unique.

I found some on etsy.

Now I already know what you will probably think of these.


I know...I know. But they have some meaning to me. These are the same ones my mom has had in her kitchen since I was born!!

I'm used to them, they're comfy, and I kinda like the vintage look of them. I'm a little confused though. I have a question for my mom...

These are exactly like the ones in my mom's kitchen.

I also found these for a cheaper price on etsy. Are these the same...just in better shape???

I think my canister shopping may have come to a good ending.

I like them...they are "me"...they are comfy.

1 comment:

  1. I adore them. Very vintage looking. No, they are not U-G-L-Y!
    Lilly is all smiles and adorable as ever. Very proud auntie.