Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does everyone know something I don't???

This has been the weirdest day ever!!!!

(Keep in mind, while all of this is happening, I am answering a massive amount of emails, phone calls, and tons of people are streaming into the office for tickets, applications, questions, etc.)

8:00am: Get to work to find that office is 450 degrees hot!!!

8:15am: Find out my friend JKCuddles isn't here, hasn't called in, and can't get in touch with her. VERY unlike her. Very worried!!!

9:00am: JKCuddles answers her cellphone and is VERY sick!!! But, alive and otherwise ok. Shew! Out of necessary toiletries, so I will deliver on lunch.

9:15am: Get a call from another office where one of my best friends works asking if I had seen him. He is MISSING!! Like JKCuddles, isn't at work, hasn't called in, and can't get in touch with him. Shew!

Every 3 minutes for next hour call friend's phone repeatedly!

10:15am: Friend that I NEVER get to see and NEVER stops in my office...stops in my office. Crazy and Nice!

10:29am: Get wonderful email from friend that I also NEVER get to see or talk to. Sweet, supportive email that was very much appreciated and I was thankful for it!

11:00am: Answer my office phone to hear an old best friend's voice that I haven't talked to in 1 and a half years!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I was shaking from head to toe! This made me so nervous for some reason. Well, I know why. We unfortunately hadn't talked because we ended our friendship on very bad terms. She is engaged and I am immensely happy for her.

11:30am: Realize that Student Body President is also MISSING!!! Worried about him TOO now. No return to my emails and phone calls.

(Why is everyone I see on a daily basis gone missing and everyone that I NEVER see or talk to is making contact with me today. Starting to make me worry that they may know something I don't!!!!)

11:30am: Get phone call from friend that is still missing that works in Library. He is in the HOSPITAL!!! Now, worried about him still. But, at least I know where he is. Make plans for trip to hospital after work.

12:00pm: Get phone call from Dad telling me he was thinking about me and loves me very much. Gosh, I adore him. He always knows somehow just when I need him most!

12:15pm: JKCuddles is feeling better and brings me lunch. Thank goodness! Have about 35 minutes of venting with her! ...and a Mighty Kids Meal from McD's.

1:00pm: Have to meet with someone and work to complete because my morning was crazy!

1:30pm: Find student body president. Get bad news that a close friends dad is VERY sick. My heart is aching and I feel extremely sad. Wish I could do something!

2:00pm: Things get pretty much back to normal.
1) Friend calls and is released from Hospital. No after work hospital trip.
2) Finally get stuff done that I have worked on all day.
3) Realize (just like everyday) how much I LOVE the students I work with!!!
4) Deep, deep thoughts. Happy ones mixed with very sad ones.
5) Realize it is still 450 degrees in my office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know...I have heard fantastic news from friends today, normal news, and very very sad news. I have experienced many emotions today.

So many friends are in my prayers tonight. The ones that are on top of the world and the ones that feel like the world is crashing down around them. May they know God loves them and will take care of them.

I love them all so much and appreciate them in my life. Even if they have been on vacation for
1 and a half years or if they just became a part of my life less than a year ago!

OR they decided to go MIA for a couple of hours today!

Revelation 21:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

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  1. How sweet you are. You are always in my prayers. Momma P always said "Life has a funny way of working its self out!" That is my life motto. I hope this helps on such a rotten day!