Friday, February 27, 2009

Poppy Art

I have had the sweetest correspondence from one of my fellow "Scrapdown" participants. She lives in the UK.

1st email:
Kristen - I am busy sewing but had to dash downstairs to thank you especially for the squares. they are particularly beautiful... especially the blue background/ bird and floral print. it is gorgeous! I don't suppose you remember where it came from?

I got the fabric she is referring to at Walmart over a year ago. It is now discontinued. Well, this had become my challenge. If she liked it so much, I was going to do everything I could to find some more for her. (I knew she would never be able to find it in the UK!) After many Walmart trips, my granny found it! In Harlan...who knew!

Photo by: Poppy Art

I sent 3 yards of above fabric on its way across the ocean. The second email was sent to everyone in the "Scrapdown".

2nd email:
...I just wanted to share Kristen's generosity... I mentioned that I loved the blue and bird background fabric she sent and asked her for info in case I could get hold of it here in the UK. In fact all of her fabrics were outstanding. She promptly sent her whole family off looking in their local walmarts for more of the same! Her grandmother found some and I received this in the post this morning. I am so touched and trying to think of something special in return. And my husband can't believe that a total stranger would do this. I can, however, as one other scrapdown member mentioned, she hasn't met a quilter she didn't like.

2nd email to me:
Kristen, I am really overwhelmed. Thanks so much for the fabric. there seems to be 3metres here! WOW. I am looking around for something special in exchange. And thank you to your grandmother, too.

She is so sweet and I was happy to find the fabric and send it to her. How cool!

You can check out her site and blog at Poppy Art. To follow her blog select Poppy Art Blog on left hand side of page.

I have loved this whole "Scrapdown" experience so much!

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  1. that is so cool! it makes me miss wal-mart selling fabric =( lol. i'm so glad we can keep in touch! i miss seeing you, you was such a fun teacher!