Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shakira Shakira

I babysat my little sister, Shakira, this weekend. She is the most wonderful Boston Terrier.

Thought I would share some pictures of her.

I dropped a cupcake and caught it with my hand. She got to help me clean it off.

These are the cupcakes by the way. Did you know Cold Stone has cupcakes now??

Please ignore the boxes in the background. We just moved in 2 weeks ago and still have some unpacking to do. :(

Here she is giving my mom high fives for a treat.

She nurses her babies. It's soooo strange and makes me gag a little to watch her. But she is really cute. And no she wasn't taken from her mom to soon!

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  1. My sister's best friends dog does the same thing. It is so strange!