Thursday, April 23, 2009

Having a Rockin Good Day!

Tonight we (Student Government) are hosting our Spring Concert.

I am working "will call" for Ticketmaster tickets. It's going to be a crazy night...following a crazy day!

The following bands will be performing here at EKU tonight!

HinderTheory of a Deadman
Black Stone Cherry
The Veer Union

We've worked for months on getting this concert together. We sold out weeks ago! I sold 910 tickets from my desk in 3 days! I've also had my refrigerator stuffed full with items for their buses. Part of our contract says that we must provide specific items for their hospitality room and for restocking their buses. I've not been able to squeeze one more item in my frig. I'll be happy when all that's gone.

Maybe I'll have some good pictures to post tomorrow!

For now, here's what the STAFF T-shirts look like which I'm wearing today. Man, I love wearing T-shirts to work!

Hope you have a ROCKIN day too!

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  1. Nice boob shot! I am sure all of your male readers are loving it!!!