Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friends, Food, and "Idols"

I had the chance to go to one of my favorite bakeries yesterday in Lexington, Caramanda's.

They have the best cupcakes! My friend, "Easy", came over to cook spaghetti for Shari and I.

They were celebrating Wednesday evening for American Idol and I was celebrating Wednesday because I really didn't have anything to do. (I love those evenings!)

Easy's spaghetti was superb and oh the cupcakes were equally delicious!

What a great evening with the most wonderful friends and a scrumptious dinner and dessert. Can't beat those times!

My cupcake of choice...A Teacake
Shari's cupcake of choice...Chocolate Explosion (And beverage of choice)

If you'll notice to the right, Easy had the same taste buds as Shari last night except he chose the Sprinkles Cupcake.

I think Simon looks disappointed in both of them and thinks it was a "wrong choice". ha ha

Shari's dog, Tippy, was just scared about the whole experience of last night. Or maybe just mad that "what's his name" was voted off American Idol.

I don't know. She doesn't talk much.


  1. Simon was just pissed because he didn't have a chocolate explosion and bud light.

  2. Cupcakes, American Idol, friends, beer; all is right with the world.

  3. You forgot spaghetti! :) Thanks for that BTW!

  4. COLIN!!!! That's my baby you're talking about! You wait til I see you again...

    So that's not the best pic of her. Kristen, show him a better pic!