Monday, May 11, 2009

The Black Bear Festival

My hometown hosted our annual "Black Bear Festival" this weekend.
I LOVE FESTIVALS!!! For many, music, crafts, and more food!
Did you know that my hometown of Cumberland is the Black Bear Capital of Kentucky? Bet ya didn't! Well, we are and they are out about about these weeks. This is when Momma Bear is venturing out of her cage with her babies. It is never a good time to be around the bears, but especially not right now. Momma Bear is very protective over her babies!
We had old fasioned "singing" in the park...Shakira enjoyed listening to the music...
This is one of the streets in my tiny little hometown of Cumberland. Population 2,291.
This is my Mom's beauty shop on this same little street...Julia's Hair Boutique.
Notice the Black Bears painted on the windows. :)
I was a great weekend!!!! I didn't get one single picture of actual, living bear!! Grrr...maybe next visit home.