Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dumb Race Betting and Good Treats

Ok, so I really don't want to discuss the Derby.

Yes, I picked the winner, Mine That Bird, on my blog. And yes I bet money on the race.

However, my husband and I set a limit to how much we would bet. When starting to reach that limit, I decided to only bet on Summer Bird and Chocolate Candy. GRRRRRR!!!! What was I thinking!!???? You can't imagine how frustrated I was when Mine That Bird won. I mean, I was happy for the horse and all, but oh so frustrated with myself!!!

OK...no more about my dumb betting on the Kentucky Derby. Maybe next year!

If you love Rice Krispie Treats, you must go make these now!!!

They have come out with Caramel & Vanilla Marshmallows and they are delicious!!!

Ummm....Caramel & Vanilla Rice Krispie Treats...Can't beat um!

Oh yeah, I love Tuesdays!!! The Biggest Loser is on!!!

You better watch! I'm so sad that Kristen and Filipe are gone. I was really hoping one of them would win. I guess I'll be cheering on Mike now! Go Mike!

I guess I need to make some more sweet treats for tonight's show! What's wrong with me??


  1. Caramel in Rice Krispie treats? Genius!!

  2. awww pooh!! i hate when stuff like that happens! lol

    those rice krispie treats look amazing!! I bet you have the happiest husband in the world!