Friday, December 19, 2008

A Ring & A Promise

My beautiful & wonderful friend (also cousin), Cami, had a moment last Friday night that she will remember forever. The man she has decided to give her heart to asked a very important question..."Will you marry me?" Of course the answer was "Yes!" By the way, (not BTW), the ring is absolutely gorgeous!

I wish her so many wonderful times to follow. However, I say a prayer that she survives all the bridezilla, stressful moments that may arise in the months leading to the wedding date. It is certain that she will have difficult decisions to make, hurt someones feelings, question if its all worth it, spend far too much money, and question her sanity for not deciding to elope.

Do most brides have these horrific "pre-wedding" decisions to make? I know I sure did. It shouldn't be so complicated. Cami is actually trying to make her wedding small, intimate, and simple. This is actually harder to do than the opposite. Who do you not invite? What should you cut cost on? I pray that she remembers what is most important in all the planning. (And I'm not talking about the cake!)

Cami is such an amazing woman. One of those types that seems to just have everything together & taken care of. (always & usually early) Talk about domestic! She deserves everything she has ever dreamed of! I hope Brian realizes just how lucky he is to have captured the heart of such an amazing, beautiful (& domestic) woman! Congrats to you both!

I love you Cami!

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  1. Congrats to Cami as well. Weddings can be stressful but should be fun as well. I vote for eloping!!! Cape Cod has a nice ring to it.